Digital Experiences


Digital Experiences

Digitizing the Publishing Enterprise

Digitizing the Publishing Enterprise For the publishing industry, “being digital” is no longer an add-on to the core physical publishing business, a “nice to have” element on the periphery. Publishers will need to reengineer and reinvent their businesses and need new systems to manage the new digital enterprise.

Learn how Quantum World Concept to Consumer (C2C) Framework integrates a number of existing products into an end-to-end model available “in the cloud,” to meet the needs of the digital publishing world.

Digitization: The Way Forward for Automotive Companies

Digitization: The Way Forward for Automotive Companies Automotive companies can respond to market challenges and address the emerging trends by implementing a phased digital business strategy, choosing the right digital technology portfolio across the value chain and aligning these with the core competencies and the chosen strategies of the organization. They will be able to stand out in the marketplace if they can create a high level of customer-centricity in their business processes, foster technology-enabled collaboration and optimize their choice of technologies.