Energy And Utilities

Energy And Utilities


Energy And Utilities

The vision for tomorrow's energy landscape is Safe, Reliable & Accessible. The evolution to this state is gradual. But with information technology and consulting services as transformation enablers, enterprises can catalyze the change.

QUANTUM WORLD has been partnering with global oil and gas companies, oilfield services (OFS) providers, and other organizations to maximize the impact of their technology investments. Clients leverage our expertise to create outcomes in three key areas – business transformation, accelerating innovation, and efficient operations.

One of our major electrical utility clients in the country was looking for a CRM framework to improve customer services. Its functions include distribution and supply to major customers.

Our client now has a much improved understanding of their customer base as well as factors affecting customer satisfaction. This framework provided the ability to identify strategic initiatives to improve customer satisfaction which presently got increased.

Our Efficient Methodology

Customer segmentation, based on customer attributes and established parameters.

Determination of cost of service for each customer segment.

Identification and prioritization of strategic initiatives to improve customer satisfaction.