Transportation and logistics

Transportation and logistics


Transportation and logistics

Growing competition and globalized operations make it necessary for logistics service providers (LSPs) to effectively collaborate with partners across the value chain, monitor processes end-to-end and adopt preventive strategies over the more traditional reactive approach to sustain profitability. To drive this, LSPs need to process large volumes of transaction data in real time to gain visibility into the supply chain, improve strategic decision making and deliver more efficient customer service.

We as QUANTUM WORLD offers a wide range of solutions that help LSPs improve customer and vendor relationships, realize efficiencies, and utilize assets more productively. From enhancing customer and vendor management to optimizing managed transportation to driving digital transformation, our solutions empower LSPs to improve service delivery and drive customer centricity.

Our key features

1. Improve Profitability :- Maximize revenues with improved customer and vendor relationships. Ensure cost and service efficiency of operations with analytical insights from external and internal data sources. Identify and eliminate revenue leakages and redundancies to improve operating margins.

2. Drive operational efficiency :- Monetize transactional data from external sources such as sensors, social platforms, and weather disruptions. Leverage BI and insights to achieve greater visibility on shipments, utilize assets more productively, and optimize your service portfolio.

3. Enhance customer centricity :- Combine analytics and the power of social media to promote customer engagement and intimacy. Improve the relevance and reach of your customer and brand management initiatives and ensure marketing effectiveness through targeted campaigns.